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First, I want to show my great appreciation to JungGi Kim whose sketch work is the source of my work’s conception. I made an inspiration extension on his basis.
I think the heroine of this project is a girl who is unique, fashion, brave and adventurous. Besides, she is a young genius scientist who is keen on environmental protection.
One day, when she explored in the deep sea, she heard that a shark became aggressive because of toothache. The shark hurt other creatures and broke the ecological balance. The girl tried to connect the shark and trade with it. She hoped to treat the shark’s teeth and bring the deep sea area back to peace.
She injected the human-transforming potion to the shark, invited it to her virtual space to treat it. However, after the beginning of the treatment, the shark became…

Songjie li trade
Songjie li trade01
Songjie li trade02
Songjie li trade03
Songjie li trade04
Songjie li trade05
Songjie li highmodel
Songjie li highmodel2
Songjie li highmodel3
Songjie li highmodel4
Songjie li highmodel5
Songjie li highmodel6